1 Été : modification du programme des cours sportifs
2 Centre Aquatique : fermé du 10 au 26 août
3 Centre de Détente : fermé du 10 au 26 août
4 Mur d'Escalade : fermé du 12 au 26 août

Coque Kaart

With the Coque Kaart, benefit from a multitude of advantages!

The Coque Kaart is the "All In One" card,  completely free of charge. It comes in form of a personalized card or in the form of a bracelet for more comfort during the practice of the sport (for a deposit of 15 €), and allows you to pay for all your activities at the Coque. 

Get up to 15% off our products and services!

Depending on the amount you charge on your Coque Kaart, you can get discounts on the price of our activities*:

  • 5% for a minimum charge of 100 €
  • 10% for a minimum charge of 200 €
  • 15% for a minimum charge of 300 €

The discounts will be applied automatically on payments* made with your Coque Kaart.

* valid for entrance to the Aquatic Center, to the Wellness Center and the massages, to the Climbing Wall, and for Sports courses (fitness and aquatics). The discounts are not cumulative with other reduced rates.

The Coque Kaart allows you:

to pay and access with simplicity
pay and access with ease by presenting your card to our readers, your courses, your entrances, your massages, your consumptions at the Coquille and the Fresh & Fitness Corner...

to benefit from an extension of the opening hours of the Aquatic Center
access one hour before the opening to the public of the Aquatic Centre, from Tuesday to Friday, and two hours during the weekend.

to save your subscriptions
Your 3-month, 6-month or annual subscriptions are registered on your Coque Kaart. Simply show your card at the entrance and you will have direct access to your activities.

How can I get a Coque Kaart?

The creation of your Coque Kaart is done at the reception of the Coque, free of charge. 

How to recharge your account Coque Kaart?

Go to the reception of the Coque and indicate the amount you want to recharge. Payment can be made by credit card or cash. 

Icône PDF Further information on the general terms of sale and use (FR)

More Information: 
Tél: 43 60 60 100