1 Été : modification du programme des cours sportifs
2 Centre Aquatique : fermé du 10 au 26 août
3 Centre de Détente : fermé du 10 au 26 août
4 Mur d'Escalade : fermé du 12 au 26 août

Our sports classes

NNos cours sportifs

Our sports classes

The Coque offers a range of group fitness classes that will help you to train your body, in whole or in part, through different workouts.
Muscular reinforcement, toning, slimming, flexibility... reach your goals thanks to our coaches and their adapted exercise programs. The collective effort will bring you motivation, assiduity and surpassing yourself.

Our sports program is offered every week from Monday to Friday through different time slots.

Find the activity that suits you best and make your fitness session your weekly appointment!


Our classes are for all levels and our coaches adapt to the capacity of the group and the level of each person.

You can also try our aquatic group classes, which allow you to work your body efficiently, with a feeling of lightness and minimizing soreness.

Registration required
Tel: 43 60 60 111

Classes and prices

  Coque Kaart
Body Shape 12,50€ 10,63€
Core Training 12,50€ 10,63€
Power Workout 12,50€ 10,63€
Pilates 12,50€ 10,63€
Zumba 12,50€ 10,63€
Yoga 12,50€ 10,63€
Group Cycle (Spinning)


BACK FIT 12,50€ 10,63€

*price calculated based on the 15% Coque Kaart advantage discount 

To guarantee your place, we recommend you book your sports lesson via
New customers and non-users of Coque Kaart are invited to go to reception to pay for their course (if not paid online) and collect their access badge.
Coque Kaart users with reservation have direct access to sports classes through the turnstiles, with the exception of the Group cycle class where a visit to reception is necessary.