1 Été : modification du programme des cours sportifs
2 Centre Aquatique : fermé du 10 au 26 août
3 Centre de Détente : fermé du 10 au 26 août
4 Mur d'Escalade : fermé du 12 au 26 août


A temple dedicated to sports and culture

From its opening, the National Sports and Culture Centre was immediately positioned as a real "temple dedicated to sport and culture" nestled in a huge 60,000 m² building characterised by rounded and harmonious lines. To date, it has constantly evolved to offer sports and well-being enthusiasts, businesses, fans of major events and even gourmets an ever-increasing range of possibilities.

The Wellness Centre

In line with this constant evolution and deliberate commitment to providing the public with increasingly diverse, modern and attractive facilities, the Coque inaugurated a new Relaxation Centre spanning two floors in 2008. Level 0 houses the locker rooms, WC, showers, bar, steam room, tepidarium, whirlpool, hot and cold pools, themed showers, 3 relaxation zones, the snow cabin and foot baths. Not to mention, of course, the magnificent saunas: a modern Finnish sauna (80°C), a rustic Finnish sauna (70°C) and the bio sauna (60°C). Level 1 houses the gym, the pool’s relaxation area and an indoor terrace overlooking the pool. In short, these are very comprehensive facilities that ideally meet the expectations and needs of a broad clientele focused on well-being.

The Aquatic Centre

The Aquatic Centre offers a 50-metre Olympic pool, a diving tower (1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m), an initiation pool, a paddling pool, a gym and a relaxation area.

In addition to these public pools, the Aquatic Centre also includes a health and fitness pool designated for water classes, a 50-meter Olympic training pool, used also by sports federations and schools, and a diving well exclusively accessible through the diving club and accompanied by a certified instructor.

Sports and business: unique business solutions

Taking advantage of the quality and diversity of sports facilities, and relying on the many available spaces and the professionalism of a team entirely devoted to satisfiying all types of clientele, the managers of the Coque quickly developed specific and original offers for botth local and foreign companies.

Business and event spaces

This desire to open up to the business world was actually built in to the Centre’s original design. From the beginning, the architects planned to fit the Centre with a large number of spaces for business and events in various sizes and atmospheres in order to meet the widest possible demand: from compact and well-equipped training or meeting rooms to the most majestic spaces named "Amphitheatre" (an auditorium with 200 seats), "Arena" (an event space of more than 4,300m² that can hold up to 8,300 people), "The Arcades" (which wrap around the "Arena" over 4,200m²), the "Gallery" (a modular space of 840 m²), and "Gymnasium" (which can hold up to 1,800 people over 1,240 m²).
Although they have very strong personalities, all these spaces have two things in common: they are all fitted with state-of-the-art technological equipment and offer exceptional modularity. Depending on their size and configurations, they can accommodate business events as varied as seminars, symposiums, general meetings, conferences, product presentations, workshops, business and consumer trade fairs and trade shows, company parties, galas, cocktail parties, etc.

Business solutions

This offer of rooms and spaces is supplemented with a programme of original and unique "business solutions" that are the only ones of their kind in Luxembourg. Very quickly, in fact, the Centre’s managers wanted to offer companies of all sizes team building solutions consisting in designing and implementing leisure and sports activities intended to develop or create skills within a group, improve cohesion and working conditions. This concept also aims to help a company’s employees get to know each other better and meet their colleagues outside the work environment, improve or create links, develop team spirit and facilitate group work or, where appropriate, mitigate any internal conflicts.
The result was not long in coming. Very quickly, Luxembourgish and foreign companies were seduced by this original offer for more than one reason. After several years providing "corporate" services, the National Sports and Culture Centre can provide a very long list of references including many well-known names in the Luxembourgish and European business world.

The Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall offers 51 tracks with over 150 different paths over a total area of 690m² including walls reaching a maximum height of 13.5m with difficulty levels between 3 and 9. In addition, you can enjoy a boulder wall with a surface area of 70m². You can practice climbing in dust-free air and enjoy a spectacular view of the sports arena.
This is the perfect place for all climbing enthusiasts as well as for those wanting to discover the sport. The Coque also offers the opportunity to attend test sessions, or advanced climbing courses, and equipment can be rented on site.

Coque Hotel ***SUPERIOR

Located in a large park in the heart of the business district, the Coque Hotel is undoubtedly the best way to combine your stay in Luxembourg and your projects in the Coque. Make the most of your stay on site while attending a major event, a seminar or a sports camp. Combine several days of relaxation and/or fitness or simply enjoy a stay in one of the most beautiful sports centres in Europe.

Located in a futuristic building featuring impressive and elegant rounded architecture, the hotel is well connected to the city centre and the airport. The hotel is located next to a tram and bus stop which will take you to the city centre in just a few minutes.

Our rooms:

36 comfortable rooms with 2 beds and shower room, TV, safe, WIFI, non-smoking, with breakfast, half board or full board. Free entry to the Aquatic Centre once per day of stay and a reduced price for the Relaxation Centre.


There are several places where you can find food and drinks at the Coque:

Fresh & Fitness Corner

For those in a hurry, the Coque offers the Fresh & Fitness Corner. On the spot or to take away, discover our sandwiches, soups and pasta of the day, as well as a selection of fresh and organic juices. You will also find a wide range of sandwiches, an assortment of salads, gourmet organic pastries, fresh organic fruit juice and soups and pasta of the day.

La Coquille

La Coquille serves an elaborate and tasty cuisine in an elegant and refined setting. Served à la carte or in the form of daily menus (including a choice of 3 dishes consisting of meat, fish or pasta), the chef's cuisine satisfies the most demanding palates. The wine list is also worth seeing as it offers a fine selection of Luxembourgish, French and Italian wines. In addition, you can enjoy our breakfasts served from 07:30 am. La Coquille is closed at night and on weekends.